Parenting Classes

We can help you reach the heart of your child by providing the tools to develop their character and moral strengths.  Parents will learn ways to discipline with encouragement, practice the 5 Love Languages  and your child will learn the importance of obedience and respect.

Reaching the Heart of Your Child

  • How to Raise a Moral Child
  • Right Beginnings
  • Touchpoints of Love
  • The Child's Conscience
  • Respect for Authority
  • Principles of Obedience
  • Discipline Issues
  • Building a Healthy Family

The Parenting Project

  • Understanding Our Children
  • Addressing Problematic Behavior
  • A Parent's Formula for Success
  • The Out-Of-Control Child
  • Managing Conflict in the Home
  • Building Positive Self-Concepts
  • Promoting Family Unity

Reaching the Heart of Your Teen

  • The Healthy Family Profile
  • At the Heart of the Rebellion
  • From Authority to Influence
  • Why Teens Don't Talk or Listen
  • Bridging the Communication Gap
  • The Corrective Side of Training
  • Answering the Questions
  • Dating, Courtship and Marriage

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